Who am I, what I'm doing?

I'm Keith or Yao Feng or 姚枫 or kebot or 听临 and I'm writing frontend code in front of computer just like you or not.

Before all

You should read what was popular in 2018: Also another good website to find JavaScript libraries?


ES6 at work and use TypeScript as much as possible in my toy projects.

Learning list: It's time to create my own language? Actually, it's not hard to make a lisp

UI Framework

React, and after 3 years I still love it!

Data Layer

I would like to use React Hooks instead of any other Data Layer in simple projects. Use Redux and Rematch would also a good choice for shared data in your application.

Learning List: - GraphQL based tools - Real time web database:


Next.js for SSR. Currently we are using Hapi at work. (Probably I'll not using Python as main language anymore but I still love it.)

Learning List: - Rust


Jest + enzyme for behavior testing and cypress for end-to-end testing.

Mobile dev

Flutter always on my studying list and would be interesting to learn how to develop WeChat Mini App

Component Based Design

There's a lot Code + Design apps out there, hopeful it will change how we develop user interface in the future!

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